This document describes what needs to be done to compile and set up MusicMiner on OS X 10.4 Tiger with Java 1.5. A similar procedure may work with OS X 10.3 Panther and Java 1.4.1, but this has not been tested. Please report any experiences. This document assumes familiarity with the command line and the bash shell.

  • Download and install Apple's implemention of Java 1.5.0.
  • Set JAVA_HOME to /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.5.0/Home
  • Add JAVA_HOME/bin to the PATH.
  • It is recommended that for your convenience, you add these variables (and those in the following sections) to your ~/.bash_profile file.
  • Download and unpack or install the Maven build tool.
  • Set MAVEN_HOME to the installation path.
  • Add MAVEN_HOME/bin to the PATH.
  • Install the Torque plugin: maven plugin:download -DartifactId=maven-torque-plugin -DgroupId=torque -Dversion=3.1.1
  • More help is available with the Maven quickstart guide.
  • Get the latest sources from CVS, e.g. with
    cvs -d login 
    cvs -z3 -d co musicminer
  • Set MUSICMINER_HOME to the installation path, i.e. the folder that contains the src folder.
  • Add MUSICMINER_HOME/bin to the PATH.
  • More is available with the CVS manual.
mplayer, lame and sox
  • These binaries are required by MusicMiner. It is recommended that you install mplayer, sox and their dependencies via Fink project. Comprehensive documentation is to be found at the Fink website.
  • The version of lame supplied by Fink is deprecated. The most recent binaries and associated libraries can be found here.
  • Change to the src folder and call maven jar to compile the sources.
  • A faster way for repeated compiling is to use maven console and type jar or any other Maven commands at the upcoming prompt.
  • Call maven install to copy all files neccessary to run MusicMiner to MUSICMINER_HOME.
  • Copy your backed up features directory to ../src/etc/
  • Call mmdb -c to create the database.
  • Call mmdb -s to see whether MusicMiner is working. See the user manual on how to add songs to the database.
  • Call mminer to lauch the GUI
  • Optionally call maven javadoc to create the source code documentation.
  • Optionally call maven site:generate to create this HTML documentation.
  • The file etc/musicminer.conf contains settings you might want to change, e.g. the log4j settings for debugging or the database user and password.
  • If you really want to change the database schema (this may break a lot of things!) edit the file src/schema/musicminer-schema.xml and call maven torque to regenerate the *.sql files and the data access classes. Repeat the creation of the database and be prepared to have lost all database contents!

If something doesn't work as described above please ask for assistance, we might have forgotten to mention something.